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Diabetes Health Resources

Updated: Apr 18

There are several excellent resources available for education and support for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes:

What are the best resources for education and support for Type 2 Diabetes?

  1. American Diabetes Association (ADA): The ADA offers a wide range of tools and resources for people with diabetes. Their offerings include information on various aspects of diabetes management such as mental health, sexual health, eye health, food and nutrition, and tools like BMI calculators and healthy living newsletters. They also provide resources for caregivers, information on managing healthcare costs, and a consumer guide for diabetes devices and medications. Additionally, ADA organizes events and provides opportunities for community involvement​​.

  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC's Diabetes Education and Support services offer personalized support, with a focus on diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES). They provide resources on managing various aspects of diabetes, including diet, physical activity, blood sugar management, and preventing complications. Their website also includes information on diabetes basics, living with diabetes, and prevention strategies​​.

  3. American Heart Association: This organization provides resources that integrate diabetes care with heart disease and stroke prevention. They offer interactive courses on diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, as well as tools for managing diabetes, such as recipe guides, medicine charts, and blood pressure trackers. Their website also has information on the relationship between diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, and offers guidance on managing diabetes effectively​​.

These resources are helpful for individuals seeking information on diabetes management, lifestyle changes, medication guidance, and ways to connect with support groups and healthcare professionals. They are designed to assist people with diabetes in living healthier lives and managing their condition more effectively.

Check out these search results to dig in deeper.

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